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"I believe anybody who tells you he is unbiased is a liar. Being human gives you bias, and you can't avoid that. The best you can ever hope to be is fair."
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Quote of the Week
"When Steve and I were done talking, I felt happier."
-Kenny Wallace, Who summed it up perfectly for every person who ever met Steve Byrnes.

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By Carol Einarsson | 05/13/2015

JEERS to no invocation or anthem for me because COX hasn't yet figured out how to jump channels for a DVR recording.

JEERS to Jack Griffo who seems to think he's more famous than he is.

JEERS to starting a race broadcast with the words, "Remember, if you get half way, it's official." Well that's encouraging.

CHEERS to "The wind has been blowing mightily across the great plains..." But it's Kansas, not Oklahoma.

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Last Activity: 05/14/15
By Carol Einarsson | 05/06/2015

CHEERS to Michael Waltrip doing what I'd hoped, and giving that tribute helmet to Bryson Byrnes. What a very nice thing.

CHEERS to Allen Singley, student pastor, whose invocation was fast, but very, very nice. And with no note cards. He reminded me of when we have amateur singers perform the anthem a hundred times better than the professionals.

CHEERS to another military band doing the anthem!

CHEERS to Talladega, home of giant American flags. One pulled by a truck, one falling from the sky, but the grandest one of all is the best one in the whole series - that 30' x 60' banner flying from the flagpole at Talladega. Think about the size of that for a minute!

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Last Activity: 05/12/15
By Carol Einarsson | 04/29/2015

JEERS to rain pushing a Saturday night race to Sunday. CHEERS that it was a Saturday night race, though, and not a Sunday race pushed to Monday. See? It can always be worse.

CHEERS to seeing Tony's arm draped around Kevin Harvick. I wonder if that was genuine man love, or if it was an owner shaking down an employee trying to get some tips for driving success.

CHEERS to the Henrico County Color Guard, but who knew it was pronounced that way? It's a long i sound, really??

CHEERS to the Steve Byrnes tribute and the moment of silence for his family, continuing on into the invocation.

CHEERS to the Fort Lee 392nd Army Band playing an anthem like it should be played.

CHEERS to Aric Almirola's daughter with those cheeks and pouty face! Cuteness overload right there!

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Last Activity: 05/07/15
By Carol Einarsson | 04/28/2015

As we've all been grieving the loss of Steve Byrnes, I've been reflecting on why God does what He does. 

Did He speak to me and tell me the answer? No, not exactly. But let me share what I learned in a similar situation, and see if we can't find some comfort along the way.

Twelve years ago, in the spring of 2003, my pastor and his wife welcomed their seventh child to the world. His name was Micah. My church is a small one, relatively speaking, and it truly feels like one big extended family. The building where we worship is about the size you'd find in any small mid-western town, and the church philosophy is to grow to capacity and then plant another church in another neighborhood, thus being able to branch out, but stay intimate. If you've ever felt lost in a mega church, you'd appreciate the feel of my church. It's cause for celebration, then, when each new baby is born, and later baptized. By the time a baby is three months old, it's safe to say he's been held and rocked by at least every woman in the church. Micah was no different.

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Last Activity: 04/29/15
By Carol Einarsson | 04/21/2015

CHEERS to Bristol Motor Speedway for changing the name of the race to honor Steve Byrnes. When you're part of NASCAR, you've got a very large family. And when you're battling something, you've got a million prayer warriors behind you. Together, NASCAR, Bristol, and FOX have shown outwardly the love and support that race fans have carried for this one man through a battle only he can fight.

CHEERS also to the RaceDay tribute they put together.

JEERS to rain and rain delays.

CHEERS to Carl Edwards who is always interview gold on rain delays. "I was happy I won the race, but I was real happy I didn't bust my face on the ground."

CHEERS to Justin Allgaier picking the best song of the whole field for his intro.  Search YouTube for Casting Crowns, and look for Courageous.

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Last Activity: 04/24/15
By Carol Einarsson | 04/15/2015

CHEERS to the piece on cheating, and when Chris Meyers said, "Right or wrong, athletes and coaches, drivers and crew chiefs, have bent the rules," the driver and crew chief they put in their montage was Jimmie and Chad.

JEERS to not using the resources you have. On a piece about cheating, you've got Michael "Rocket Fuel" Waltrip to your left, and we don't ask?? Isn't the whole point of having former drivers, crew chiefs, and team owners on the broadcast team to be able to draw from their experience?

CHEERS to an opportunity for Coke to be the remedy for Kyle Larson's dehydration, but maybe he should have gone instead with the water that Coke bottles instead.

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Last Activity: 04/18/15
By Carol Einarsson | 04/14/2015

CHEERS and JEERS will be pushed back a day this week,
for something much more important, and will be published Wednesday instead.

I had the idea last year that I wanted to write this article, but procrastinated because I knew as soon as I published it, I'd think of another thing for the list. Or five more things. Or ten. But when I realized his birthday landed on Tuesday this year, and he's now reached rock star status by having his name on the Bristol race, well, this was clearly the time to write it.

And as I sit here trying to begin, I'm just looking at the rough list I've jotted down. I'd hoped to put it in somewhat of a chronological order, but it doesn't seem that's going to happen. Rather, I'll just start, and hope it sorts itself out by the time I finish. The format will be a little different, and probably at times, scattered. But here goes...

The biggest connection I share with my friend Steve is that we are both parents of boys. Oh, the boy stories we've shared. They'll forever be my favorite.

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Last Activity: 04/16/15
By Carol Einarsson | 03/31/2015

CHEERS to returning to the southeast and people all bundled up again. Come on, now, it's nearly April!

JEERS to sound trouble for the chaplain, but CHEERS to Mike Hatfield and a nice blessing on the day. We ask in the name of Christ of the cross, Amen!

CHEERS to the Training and Doctrine Command Band Herald Trumpets for an outstanding presentation of the anthem, but who named the band?? It's not even an acronym. TDCBHT?

JEERS to not knowing which way to face during the anthem. Unless Ingrid was looking at a flag sticking out of her husband's ear, that was weird.

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Last Activity: 04/13/15
By Carol Einarsson | 03/24/2015

CHEERS to all the guys back at all the shops who manage to make salt-resistant engines for the California race. All that salty beach air has to be a challenge for them.

CHEERS to the crews at the track, too, trying to work in the garages as celebrities meander about. That's what you have to put up with if you're going to race in Hollywood, I suppose.

CHEERS to giving the state the best PR: "California freeways are known for their snarled, backed-up traffic and high-speed chases." Nothing says "Go visit California!" quite like snarled traffic and high-speed chases!

CHEERS to March, Blood Clot Awareness Month. I guess at least we have eight days remaining to be aware. Seriously, though, prayers for Brian Vickers.

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Last Activity: 03/25/15
By Carol Einarsson | 03/17/2015

Photo: Eddie Laub/Race Journal Online.

CHEERS to the interview with Ned Yost. Yeah... we all still miss him, and I can't imagine how much harder it is for his closest friends.

CHEERS to an interview with Kurt Busch, but have we ever seen an interview like that outside in the bright sun, just standing in a parking lot? Did that seem odd to anyone else?

CHEERS to Kurt recognizing his biggest mistake, "The wrong woman to date." Boom. That was fantastic!

JEERS to my disappointment when he was introduced at the track. I expected more fan support than it sounds like he got, but maybe it was more than we think, because what there was, was an absence of booing fans.

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Last Activity: 03/18/15

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